Welcome to the Personal Website and Portfolio of Lester Jones.
I am a UX Professional, Photographer, Overlander, Gardener and Student Based in Maryland.

My Resume

Here you can take a look at my academic and work history

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Professional Portfolio

Take a look at a small sample of some of my recent UX/UI work.

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Creative Portfolio

Photography is one of my favorite past times and I would love to share that with you.

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Overland Truck Build

So I bought a truck and I am slowly turning it into the ultimate Overland, end of the world rig. Follow the journey.

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My Garden

I planted a flower garden and year after year it brings me joy. Maybe I will expand it.

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Back Home

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, I visit home as often as I can... which is never enough. Here is what home looks like.

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Gear List

Everyone always asks me... What did you use to do this or take that picture or make video? Here is my gear list.

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Fascinating news and other sundry developments from the internet and around the world.

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My Words

It something profound just happens to fall out of my head it just may land here.

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Creative Solutions

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."
Albert Einstein