Ram 1500 Overland Build Part 1 – Acquisition

Ram 1500 Overland Build Part 1 – Acquisition

What have I done….

One Friday i was looking at the auction sites as I tend to do and saw a few Ram 1500’s for sale…

These trucks were all in great visual condition but they started at $10k. Too rich for my blood. But nevertheless I watched to see what would go down. One after  the other trucks sold for prices  ranging from 15k to 25k. But there was one left. This truck had a bit more miles on it the other and the price was 10k but then all of a sudden the price dropped to 5k with a few to go. So the pulled the trigger. What had I done… 

This was not an irrational choice. A buddy of mine is a RV and Boat delivery driver and he just put 4000k miles on his Ram truck. He said that United Rental takes really good care of their fleet and they keep excellent records. It was a gamble and I took it. 

Next I called the auction office to confirm the sale. and i was office buy a ticket to pick up the truck in Ohio.  

The plan is to fly from Maryland to Columbus Ohio, then take an Uber to Dayton, buy the truck, then drive it 600 plus miles back home to Maryland.

I got there did the paperwork and took the keys and took possession of this beauty.  

After I checked the fluids, hoses and the undercarriage for any obvious issues i decided to take her to the carwash before the long drive home. I have to say she did clean up pretty well. 

The long, long drive home was pretty uneventful. Though I had to fight a huge storm. 


The big unknown was passing inspection here in Maryland and thanks fully she easily aced. All she needed was a new serpentine belt. I changed all her fluids and bought a new tire to replace the one that was worn and her new life with me began.