Ram 1500 Overland Build
Part 3
Infotainment Upgrades

Ram 1500 Overland Build
Part 3
Infotainment Upgrades

An Inside Job

We spend most of of our time with a vehicle in the vehicle…

Modern vehicles are modular. Its the open secret of the automotive industry. “Low-Spec” model and high spec models are just about identical in structure. The only differ in superficial features. We owe this to the wonders of modern computer aided design systems and vehicular operating systems that work like cell phones.

This has led to the development of  a huge underground of modders and hacker you are figuring out how add higher end features to lower end models saving owner thousands of dollars. 

This Ram 1500 came as the STS package. It has a tiny 4 inch center screen  that served as the backup  monitor. This is just too small to serve the intended purpose of seeing what is behind a huge truck. So i had to fix that. 

I got the upgraded screen from eBay and found several excellent Youtube videos that outlined the upgrade process. 


The Process

The upgrade process was very simple. It was mostly plug and play. The hardest part was dealing the many tiny plastic clips and screws that held the internals together. 

Before and After


It all worked. All of it. In the end the following 

  • A Larger Backup Monitor
  • Apple Car Play and Android Auto
  • Improved AC Function
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio 
  • Google Maps Navigation
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